Business Directory Cloud-based Platform

Business Directory Cloud-based Platform

Business Directory Cloud-based Platform

by Crowd Kode

We've been specializing in various "listing" solutions forever. This is a little solution we've been using to create even more awesome projects for Clients over and over again for years. We're about to make the base solution free and open source to all members. It's built in LAMP Stack with a MySQL backend and if you have a project with tens of thousands of listings or more - this baby will handle them.

This project also features real-time GPS (if you use it on a mobile phone, ie. mobile browser) that will literally show you your logged in marker moving in real-time and update which listings (or businesses) are closest to you. We were one of the first companies to work with the close, nearby watch position location features when they were first introduced to show people's (or rather device's) location movements in real-time. 

We've done geo-fencing, nearby concepts and just about everything you can imagine based on this tech.

We even have a more current, modern version for a special internal project that has indexed tables and optimized queries, which allows this architecture and platform to handle literally millions of listings. We're running similar versions of this platform with anywhere from 300,000+ listings to 50M+ Listings.

Awhile back, we were getting big budgets from Clients to customize their Wordpress sites to handle insane things like Auto-Parts inventories from famous Detroit based Auto Parts Manufacturing Companies and we kept losing out on those projects because we'd have to be honest with Clients and tell them that Wordpress was just not designed or optimal for that kind of thing. But, we didn't have proof of what the more logical alternative was - so we made it and it immediately helped us prove our point, which helped us start to get all those projects. 


We've given this project a name called Public Owned, as in companies that are owned majority by the general public (not to be confused with public as in the stock exchange) - more so, community-owned.

During the height of COVID we had used this project to create a website called which showcased all the restaurants and businesses that had managed to maintain still being open since so many were closing and shuddering because of the pandemic.