Fully Completed Events + Booking Platform

Fully Completed Events + Booking Platform

Fully Completed Events + Booking Platform

by Crowd Kode

Continual Events is a concept we came up with that was built off the notion that live, in-person networking is broken these days. Almost immediately after the event you forget people's names, what you liked about them, where you put their contact info - and how they even gave you their contact info, what their job title was, etc. 

So, our idea for Continual Events, was it is a way to memorialize an Event AND its Attendees on the platform so that the info would always be accessible. Most importantly, the Event and Attendees would receive access to the Event Listing (on both the online, cloud version and the mobile app versions) days before the event, so that people could start connecting, researching and even talking. Then, if you really seem to be connecting with someone, naturally you could make a plan to meet with them at the event for 5-15 minutes (so we even built in an in-Event scheduling feature where you could schedule a list of specific Attendees you had made plans to talk to in-person at the actual event).

Our Crowd Kode Founders, who actually created this platform have many years of experience organizing Events of all kinds, so they had already gained an extensive amount of tech around the Events space. There are several kinds of "Booking" features, including Free RSVP style features and paid Booking features that were hidden while they figured out exactly what they were going to do with the platform. 

Square, Stripe, Paypal and Authorize.net are all already integrated to some degree and can be fairly easily used a payment processers for the Tickets part. 

Extensive QR Code features and technology for the Tickets and Attendees is also built-in, but hidden at the moment. 

As Crowd Kode Members show more interest, we'll start unhiding these features in both the online (ie. cloud) part of the platform, as well as in both of the mobile apps. 


Here's the online master part of the platform, which is also a fully functioning Web App with its own App Icon (for all devices): https://continualevents.com/listings

Download the Continual App on the App Store Download the Continual App on Google Play

APP STORE: https://apps.apple.com/app/continual/id6449474473

GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thinapp.Continual