Fastest, Most Accurate Voice-Recognition Tech

Fastest, Most Accurate Voice-Recognition Tech

Fastest, Most Accurate Voice-Recognition Tech

by Crowd Kode

If you didn't already know - voice is the next big thing. Hands down. Why else do you think Amazon is so obsessively trying to wrap Alexa into everything? And they're nowhere near the only ones. McDonald's spent $400M on a company just to try to have them voice-activate their drive-thru ordering.

Ironically, our own Founder who actually lives near McDonald's headquarters and even has them for a client had already invented the technology that they were trying to build over 3 years prior. He just couldn't get it in front of the right people because the company is so big that it's extremely complicated knowing who's responsible for what. 

Anyway, back at the beginning of 2020 our Founder began experimenting with voice and by the Fall of 2020 he published a little App in the Apple App Store called VoiceCom to demonstrate the incredible voice-tech he had made. He managed to make the fastest voice-activated tech on the planet, though countless VCs just sort of scoffed at it (he concluded that despite giants like Amazon and McDonald's venturing deep into voice, it was still just too early for VCs).

After trying to shop it to VCs for the last 3 years he has decided to just make it available to the general public - for a price that is. He also thinks that if all the VCs and major companies want to dismiss him that by putting it into the hands of the general public it'll allow more people to create incredible things with it of their own, which will all shed a light on how average all the larger companies' voice-tech is. A middle-finger if you will.

Feel free to test it out yourself - and see for yourself. That's why he makes things live. That's why we built Crowd Kode - to let the technology speak for itself. And, notice the publish date on it. Sept 2020 - that means he of course had to start building it way before then. But, he developed ground- breaking voice-tech that nobody still has anything comparable to - over 3 years ago. Just think about that. What else can we create if people work together - like maybe within a platform like CrowdKode for example!

The Price for the VoiceCom Source Code:

A one-time $99  payment or a subscription of $10/month for 12 months

The first 2,500 people to RSVP and pay a $10 holding fee will receive the full source code to the entire VoiceCom App, as well as access to private videos by our Founder Ken Davis walking you through the technology, how everything works and even some scheduled Q&As with him. 

Note: Your holding fee of $10 is 100% fully-refundable if you decide to back out prior to us reaching 2,500 RSVPs.