Branded Square Website / Shop

Branded Square Website / Shop

Branded Square Website / Shop

by Crowd Kode

Meet the first, customizable website (and online shop) alternative to Square in the world. It took us over a year to create because it's based largely on our incredibly powerful Pre-Order Mobile App, but it's finally here. 

We loaded it with tons of easy-to-use features we've been hearing from Square Sellers for the last couple of years - many of which don't exist in any other platform - like:

  • Cash Orders (ie. Pay-on-pickup)
  • Timeslot Management for Scheduled Pickups
  • Customers can save multiple credit cards
  • Full Hybrid App Capabilities (ie. Web App)
  • Custom-designed "Homescreen" App Icon 
  • Full-screen Mobile experience
  • Mobile-friendly Custom Slider
  • And, much, much more.

Learn more at

Crowd Kode posted 07/02/22 / 67 Comments

Hi everyone! This is Mark, the Community Admin. If you have any questions about any of the Features and/or Solutions on SSU, please feel free to leave comments in these "Comment" threads, so when we answer - the answers will also help others who might have the same question(s)! Thanks!